Three Questions You May Have After Being In A Collision With A Big Rig

If you've been in a collision with a big rig, you should consider yourself lucky to have survived. Often, accidents of this type are deadly. But while living through a truck collision is cause for celebration, the months that follow can be tough as you pursue insurance claims and lawsuits. Likely, you have a few questions about how to proceed when it comes to recovering your medical expenses and other damages. [Read More]

Three Things Insurance Companies May Do To Try And Deny A Disability Claim

If you are injured and will no longer be able to work and support yourself, filing for disability can be vital to ensuring your well being. There are several things you need to do to ensure that everything is filed correctly so you can decrease the chances of denial. The following are three things to be aware of so you don't compromise your claim. #1: You may be under surveillance [Read More]

Is There A Way To Bring A Wrongful Death Claim When You'Re Not Related To The Decedent?

The laws in most states only allow family members of decedents to file wrongful death suits against any liable parties who may be responsible for the deceased persons' demise. Unfortunately, that same right doesn't always extend to people who aren't biologically related to the decedents. However, there are a few possible ways you can get around this problem and sue the responsible parties for compensation for the death of your loved one. [Read More]

What To Know About Proving A Slip And Fall Accident Claim

There are many cases where someone has slipped and fell because of the fault of someone else. Typically, this occurs when there is a spill on the floor inside of a company building and someone slips and falls because proper clean up methods were not taken. However, slip and fall accidents aren't always cut and dry and can be difficult to prove. In order to prove your case, here's what you should know: [Read More]