What To Know About Proving A Slip And Fall Accident Claim

There are many cases where someone has slipped and fell because of the fault of someone else. Typically, this occurs when there is a spill on the floor inside of a company building and someone slips and falls because proper clean up methods were not taken. However, slip and fall accidents aren't always cut and dry and can be difficult to prove. In order to prove your case, here's what you should know:

Time is Taken Into Account:

The facility needs an ample amount of time to take precautions of a spill on the floor or other problem. To prove this, security camera footage can be obtained to show the amount of time that has passed before the slip and fall occurred. There can also be witness statements taken, as well. If, however, you slip and fall as soon as the slip has happened, then it's more difficult to leave that at the fault of the company. 

Negligence is Key: 

The key factor in proving the company's fault is negligence. If the company was blatantly negligent and can be proven so, then it's easier to prove that they are at fault for the incident. This can be proven by addressing what caused the accident. For example, was there a sign placed somewhere that could not be easily seen, therefore leading someone to trip. This is typically negligent behavior. 

No Fault of Your Own:

Finally, to prove that the company was solely responsible, you must also prove your own innocence. This means showing that you did not do anything on your part that could have caused the accident. For example, if you were under the influence, then it's going to be difficult to prove that you did not play a role in the slip and fall accident. You might also be held accountable if you were at work and not wearing the proper safety uniform, such as slip resistant shoes. 

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney:

Many times, in these cases, you are going to want to hire a personal injury attorney to help ensure that you are able to prove your case. An attorney with experience in slip and fall cases will be able to collect the evidence needed to prove your case, which is especially helpful in slip and fall accidents that are not so cut and dry. 

When you know these things about proving your slip and fall accident claim, you can see why it's important to pay attention to detail while also not admitting any fault on your own end for the situation.