Do You Need To Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

Legally, you are not required to have a Social Security Disability attorney during the application or appeal process. However, according to the Social Security Administration, nearly 53% of Social Security Disability claims are denied. Every year, millions of legitimate claims are denied due to reasons such as failure to cooperate, lack of medical evidence, and failure to adhere to treatment advice. 

To avoid these problems and improve your success rate, consider hiring a Social Security Disability attorney. Other reasons to use a Social Security Disability attorney include the following.

Evidence Management 

As mentioned earlier, claims are often denied due to a lack of medical evidence. The SSA doesn't grant claims simply because you filed your disability claim. It follows an evidence-based approval process. The SSA will want evidence to prove that your disability limits your ability to earn a living. Without the proper medical evidence, your claim is as good as denied. 

You can resolve this by hiring an experienced Social Security Disability attorney. The burden to provide adequate medical evidence will primarily fall on your attorney. The upside is that the attorney understands the specific medical evidence the SSA wants. If it means getting written and sworn statements from doctors and people who understand your disability, the attorney will do it.  

Help You Prep for the Hearing 

If you have ever attended a hearing, you understand that your disability will be examined and questioned by a panel. They will ask questions based on the medical evidence, written and sworn statements, and other information provided. They will note any discrepancies between your answers and the information you provided. 

Develop a Strategy 

How do you get your Social Security Disability benefits if the SSA doesn't agree that your condition meets the disability? This is why an experienced Social Security Disability attorney is needed. The attorney will develop a strategy to argue that your condition limits your ability to engage in any gainful activity or sedentary type of work. 

What About Attorney Fees?

Most people will submit a Social Security Disability claim to get a reprieve and the benefits. Hiring an attorney doesn't sound like a way to ease your burdens. Attorneys cost money, which you are trying to save. 

Fortunately, Social Security Disability attorneys can only take $6,000 or up to 25% of your backpay, whichever is lower. It works on a contingency fee basis, which means you don't pay attorney fees if you lose.