Can Food In Your Food Lead To A Lawsuit?

While most reputable restaurants work diligently to create a clean and safe dining and working experience for both customers and employees, injures can happen. Injuries in a restaurant can occur in a number of ways, from slip and fall accidents to food poisoning. Another problematic issue is when customers find foreign objects in the food, which can also be a source of injury. Some injuries can be so bad that you need medical attention. In this case, you would need to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover your damages. Here is some additional information you should know if you are in this situation:

What Foreign Objects Could be In Your Food?

An injury related to foreign objects in the food can result in scrapes inside the mouth, broken teeth, or even asphyxiation. Any range of objects could potentially find its way into your food for a variety of reasons. Some examples of foreign objects include bones, insects, plastic bits, fingernails, and the like.

How Can the Restaurant be Held Liable?

For a restaurant to be found liable for an injury caused by a foreign object, the restaurant must be found to be acting negligently. This means that the restaurant did not take reasonable measures to make sure the customer is not injured through foreign objects in the food. When you take your case to court, it will have to decide if the restaurant did not take action to prevent foreign objects in the food nor did it practice a duty to care for the patrons of the restaurant.

The injury occurrence also must be considered a foreseeable event by the restaurant. A foreseeable event happens when a business failed to take proper action to prevent a problem even if they had the ability to. Examples of a foreseeable event in this type of case includes a known bug or rodent infestation, not requiring employees to wear gloves, and so on.

What Can You Do?

If you found foreign objects in your food in a restaurant and you were injured in any way, there are some steps you need to take if you intend to file a personal injury lawsuit. First, keep the foreign object if you can. Simply place the entire food item and foreign object into a box. This will be a part of your evidence if you choose to file a lawsuit. Also, be sure to report the incident to the manager on duty, and request a written report. If someone witnessed your incident, be sure to obtain contact information.

Contact a personal injury attorney for more help.