5 Odd Injury Cases That Were Won

The circumstances surrounding injury claims go a long way toward determining whether compensation will be awarded. You may be surprised to learn about some of the strange situations that led to legal victories for folks who suffered personal or workplace injuries. These five cases might make you think differently about your own chances of getting money.

1. Save the French Fries

A McDonald's manager who was helping a customer at the drive-thru window had to move quickly to keep a bag of French Fries from hitting the floor, resulting in a serious neck injury. Working with a lawyer, the manager was able to successfully pursue a workers' compensation claim. The court found that the pressure of the job, particularly the company's desire to not waste food, had led to the injury.

2. Missing Door Knob

When a New York man was using a restroom, there was no door knob installed. As he exited the restroom, he reached for where he expected a knob to be, leading the door to slam against his thumb. He was absent from his job for half a year but was able to obtain $3 million in damages for himself with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Even more impressive, his wife was awarded $750,000.

3. Failed Suicide Attempt

During a suicide attempt in New York City, a woman laid down on the train tracks of the subway. The train hit her but did not kill her. She sued the state of New York successfully for $14.1 million, an amount that was reduced to $9.9 million under the personal injury law principle of proportionate responsibility. The court found the city's transit operation was 70 percent at fault because the operator had failed in his responsibility to spot someone on the tracks.

4. Who's That Knocking?

A pair of teens in Colorado decided to deliver homemade cookies to their neighbor as a surprise. The neighbor had an anxiety attack when they knocked on the door, and she ended up calling the cops. She pursued a personal injury law claim and was awarded $900 for medical bills.

5. Find Another Job

An Illinois man working for a frozen goods company injured his back after slipping on ice in a freezer. He was placed on limited duty and eventually had to stop working. When he was scheduled to return full-time, the company eliminated his position. He eventually obtained $4.3 million for a retaliatory discharge.

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