Bad Moves: Know What To Avoid When Seeking Personal Injury Damages

If you've been in a wreck caused by a careless driver, the need to maintain a clear thought process can be both challenging and vital to your case. While you may be suffering from the effects of the accident, read below to find out how mistakes made after an accident could seriously affect your ability to get compensation.

You turn down medical help

No matter how minor you may deem your injuries to be, a medical professional should be consulted no matter what. Some injuries may not be apparent to you, but could prove to be far more dangerous than you think. Head injuries are particularly tricky, so make sure you take the ambulance up on their offer and have everything checked out.

This simple act not only ensures your health and well-being, but means that you will have a record of medical treatment to bolster your personal injury case. Even if you don't seek care right away, be sure to make an appointment with your physician if you begin to feel that something is just not right with your body or brain. Additionally, you may not realize it now, but the total dollar amount of your medical expenses will be used to compute exactly how much you will be offered for a personal injury settlement.

Speaking to the insurance adjuster for the other side

Once your words are recorded, there is no way to take them back, and a bad choice of words here could seriously damage your case. The adjuster is working to ensure that the insurance company pays out as little as possible, and this phone call is just one way of ensuring that happens. Accidents, and the amount of money to get in compensation, revolve around liability. This word can be described as fault, and the more they can place on you the less they will have to pay out. You are not required to give a recorded statement, so allow your personal injury attorney to handle this situation for you.

Waiting too long to file suit

You only have a limited amount of time to take action, and it can vary from state to state from a year to 7 years. The statute of limitations is just one reason for acting quickly however. Every facet of your case depends on time, and the longer you are without adequate compensation, the worse it will be on you and your pocketbook. The time to gather evidence and interview witnesses is soon after the accident, so speak with a representative from a law firm like Steeg & Glista PC right away.