Moves To Make After A Neighbor's Puppy Bites You

Once a neighbor's puppy has chomped down on your skin and left you injured, you might want to press charges and recover money for bills, missed work and other things you've had to endure. These actions are essential for a lawsuit you plan to win.

Call Police

You might not be keen on involving police in the situation, but their professional help can be vital for your case. They can gather facts and observations about the incident from your perceptive so that your memory doesn't fail you later. Their interrogation skills will ensure that all important details are recorded.

Seek Attention from a Doctor

Any dog bite will immediately raise concerns that you might contract the disease tetanus. Your doctor will likely check your immunization records to see if you're protected against the disease. If you're not, they may give you an injection and want to monitor you for any changes, including:

  • Severe headache
  • Irritability
  • High Fever
  • Painful or Locked jaw
  • Profuse sweating

Even if tetanus isn't an issue, your doctor will advise you about cleaning or bandaging the bite so you can prevent infection in the area.

Take Pictures

If your doctor hasn't already, pictures can make a big impact on the judge you'll be seeing. Being able to show how deeply you were injured--instead of just talking about it--can be important.

Avoid Interactions

Your neighbor is probably going to be displeased that you're suing them; any contact is likely to be contentious and uncomfortable. You may pass them on the street, but avoid talking if possible. If they begin talking with you, say as little as you can until you can make an escape. Don't escalate things by disagreeing with them or making pointed comments that could lead to a shouting match or a fistfight; that could lead to additional legal problems for you both. If they have questions, provide them with your attorney's contact information.

Your neighbor isn't the only person you should avoid conversations with. Once news of the incident and your lawsuit spreads throughout the neighborhood, you may find people are eager to discuss it with you. Refer anyone who could be a witness or someone who was also bitten by the same dog to your personal injury lawyer, and do your best to steer conversations in another direction so you don't encourage further gossip.

Making the right moves once a neighbor's puppy has gotten violent is important for the success of your suit. Once you've used these suggestions, asking your lawyer about further action is wise.

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