One-Car Crash? You May Not Actually Be Fully At Fault

If you were involved in an accident and were the only driver to crash, you might assume that you're fully at fault for the accident. After all, there's not another driver to blame! But this is not always the case. There are situations in which someone other than the driver can be found partially or fully at fault for a one-car collision. Here's a look.

A Pedestrian

Sometimes, a person who was on-foot in or near the road at the time of the crash may be found partially liable. Did that person jump out in the road, causing you to swerve at the last minute and crash? Perhaps they were walking in the crosswalk despite having a "do not walk" sign, causing you to slam on your brakes and fishtail. If you (and your lawyer) can argue that you would not have crashed if the pedestrian were not present, you may have a case. This would mean that the pedestrian would be responsible for paying some or even all of your medical bills, repair bills, and other expenses resulting from the crash.

Another Driver

It sounds strange at first, but another driver can actually be at fault even if they did not crash themselves. If a driver pulled out at a red light and forced you to swerve and crash, that driver could be liable. Similarly, if they were in the wrong lane, forcing you off the road, they could also be to blame. Building a case against the other driver can be tough if they were already gone by the time the police arrived to your crash scene. But if you remember anything about the make and model of the car you think was involved, let the police know. They can even print an ad in the paper looking for witnesses who may have seen the crash and taken down the driver's license plate number.

The City or County

If the road conditions, the placement of a certain sign, or layout of an intersection contributed to your crash, the town, city, or county that maintains the road might be held partially liable. For instance, if there was a stop sign hidden behind a tree that you did not see, causing you to enter an intersection and then crash when swerving out of the way of traffic, the municipality may be held liable for failing to ensure the sign was visible.

Building a case against a municipality can be tough, and, often, you'll need to collaborate with others who have had the same issues in the same spot. Reach out to a personal injury attorney for assistance